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Posted: February 8, 2019 9:00:00 AM CST

Things are changing with the media collection! To make room for the I-Create makerspace lab, we temporarily relocated all the DVDs and other media to the Circulation Desk. Once they were downstairs, we undertook a huge project to separate all the DVD’s from their cases, so the cases could be displayed as part of the new browsable media collection.  As of February 1, a little over half of the collection has been displayed upstairs in their new home located just past the group study area near the book shelves. We hope to have the entire collection moved upstairs by the end of the semester.


row of shelves with DVD cases

In addition to relocating the collection, we are highlighting different subgroups of the collection in themed displays near the Circulation Desk. Stop by and checkout the current display with over 40 titles!

The display will be up until the end of February, and it showcases entire series of television shows that are no longer on the air. It’s perfect for staying cozy on the couch and binge watching during the South Texas winter.

DVD cover of The Newsroom

The Media Maven’s top pick from this month’s display is, The Newsroom a compelling drama created by Aaron Sorkin. It aired on HBO from 2012-2014. It is a moderately short series of only 25 episodes, but it covers a lot of territory and endears the characters to you almost immediately. I personally love the verbal sparring between San Waterston and Jeff Daniels’ characters. I give it 5 pairs of glasses! line of 5 pair of glasses

If you like this month’s display keep your eyes peeled for March’s display. In honor of Women’s History Month, we will showcase movies and television shows that feature female ensemble casts and/or strong female lead characters.


Amanda Horne, Media Maven
Library Specialist II
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By: Amanda Horne

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