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Posted: June 4, 2019 9:00:00 AM CDT

What is an Institutional Repository?

An institutional repository is a type of digital repository focused on collecting, managing, and disseminating important digital content produced by the members of an institution like a university.

What types of digital content can be found in the TAMU-CC Repository?

Currently, the majority of contents located in the Repository consist of theses and dissertations by TAMU – CC graduates. Other items consist of Special Collections items including videos, photographs, and maps. Additionally, faculty and researchers can submit open access versions of their scholarship in the repository; this could include pre-prints or post-prints of articles, as well as data sets associated with published research.

Who can use the TAMU-CC Repository?

The TAMU-CC Repository is open to all members of the University community to contribute content for persistent long-term access and management. Management activities include preservation activities, application of metadata standards to promote discovery and access, and persistent links to content for use in citing and linking to works.

Why should I submit my work to the TAMU–CC Repository?

The objective of including an open access version of faculty works in an institutional repository is to enable open versions of academic literature to be found, re-used, and have impact beyond what is possible if works are only available behind a paywall. Essentially, hosting published works in a repository makes them more accessible, which means works will be seen, read, and used by more users, expanding the reach of published works beyond who has access to the particular journal in which the work was published. Conversely, as students and researchers of the TAMU-CC community, if you find an article that we do not have access to because the Library does not subscribe to the journal in which it was published, more and more often one can find the article by searching the author’s affiliate institution.

How do I submit work to the TAMU-CC Repository?

With the assistance of the Digital Collections Librarian, Ed Warga, we have published a TAMU-CC Repository research guide. This guide will answer some of the questions addressed in this blog but will go into more detail about the submission process, copyright options, and more.

As always, if you have a question ASK US!

By: Alexa Hight

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