Need a place to study? We have got you covered!

Posted: July 5, 2019 9:00:00 AM CDT

Many people love the ability to think in a quiet, isolated environment. I personally fall into this category. I have no trouble interacting in a group, but when it comes to learning and absorbing information, I like being alone. We here at the Mary and Jeff Bell library are happy to provide an environment for you to learn and study as best fits your style. The Circulation department offers 15 study rooms which are available for first come, first served checkout and are suitable for a variety of needs.



Individual or two-person study room containing one study carrel, two chairs, and one computerIndividual and Two-Person Study Rooms

Six of our rooms are for individual or two-person studying. These rooms have a computer and seating for two people. These single rooms only require one person have a valid SandDollar$ card to check out the room.

Small group study room contain a table and four chairs Small Group Study Rooms

We also offer four person rooms that are great for small group collaboration. These group rooms require two people have valid SandDollar$ cards to check out.

Large group study room with two tables, eight chairs, one smart board, and two white boardsLarge Group Study Rooms

For those times when you’re working on a project and you and your group need a larger space, we have you covered. We offer two study rooms that can seat up to up to eight people. These two rooms have smart boards, dry erase boards, and computers.  In order to check out these larger study rooms we require three people have valid SandDollar$ cards to check out.

So please stop by the Mary and Jeff Bell library whenever you need a place to study or collaborate with a group!

By: Rob Rios

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