Student Sculptures Featured at Bell Library

Posted: July 12, 2019 9:00:00 AM CDT

Site-sensitive installation art, according to Island University Assistant Professor of Art Leticia Bajuyo, can include materials ranging from paint to steel to sound, as these artworks not only take up physical space but also space in our minds. This is one of the philosophies that shaped the spring 2019 Sculpture III course at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and led to its focus on public art installations. In collaboration with the Mary and Jeff Bell Library, eight student-created sculptures are now prominently displayed throughout the building.

“When you’re developing art that will be presented to a selection committee and installed in a public location, there are several components and logistics beyond the first design and how to create the pieces. It’s a layered, and often complicated, experience,” said Bajuyo.

The project asked students to conceptualize their public artwork by theorizing objects and how they influence human interactions with space. They had to consider the object’s meaning, how people will view the piece, and how the piece works in its environment – from safety issues to how it brings out the architecture of the space it resides in.

“It became more than just me working on my art. I had to rely on others and practice good communication – whether it was with my professor, other artists, or people at the installation site. You work as a team,” said Sarah Spaulding, recent Islander graduate and sculpture student.

Prior to installation, students pitched their sculpture ideas and proposed installation space to a committee composed of Bell Library faculty and staff, along with Dr. Laura Petican, Assistant Professor of Art History and Director of University Galleries.

“I was given the opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions that helped shape the students’ sculptural designs and installation process,” said Anjanette Jones, Bell Library staff and a member of the committee. “The collaborative process of public art installation was fascinating to be a part of. At Bell Library, we always welcome collaboration with other departments and organizations. We’re honored to be able to showcase and support the artistic talent of our Island community.”

Sclupture made from pieces of welded metal rods
Kudzu by Sarah Spaulding
3 rectangle sculpture pieces hung on wall
Isabella T21 by Keisha Hawk
Two long retangle sculptures with pennies glued on creating a wood panel like pattern
My Two Cents by Lily Ann Pena
Sculpture of fish attached two platform. Two gold fish are in front of several fish painted dark grey.
The 2% by Amber Bachner
Rectangle sculpture pieces attached to wall. Tongue depressor sticks are glued on in pattern shapes
Corpus Callosum by Christine Anusim
Sculpted miniature figures
Stressful and Frustrating, but Fun by Adrian Quintero
Fabric yo-yos sewn onto cream colored sheet of fabric which is stretched and attached to the wall
I Remember When by Juleanna Fuller
Human bust made from metal parts and pieces
What Do You See? by Elizabeth Smith


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