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Posted: October 25, 2019 9:00:00 AM CDT

The I-Create Lab was created so students and the community can have a creative space for projects and collaboration. The I-Create lab has many useful tools for this to be possible. In the lab students and the community can create to their heart's content. The star of the lab are the 3D printers. It costs just 7 cents per gram for students and 10 cents for community users to create any character, figure or design they desire.

Two examples of 3D printing, includes and photo of two jack-o-lanterns and a replica of the wave sculpture on campus

The second crowd favorite is the Laser cutter/engraver. With the laser cutter, anyone can learn (with the help of the friendly staff) how to engrave glass, softwood, and so much more. Every day leading up to the holidays the laser cutter becomes even more more popular as it makes the perfect gifts. With many engravings done on wine glasses and wooden plaques.

Wood engraving of a dog with the name, Romeo, engraved at the top.3 tall drinking glasses engraved with the Bell Library logo

Another helpful tool many students and staff take advantage of is the embroidery machine. With the embroidery machine, anyone can create colorful and detailed sewing patterns. Students can use patterns preset on the machine or come in with their own sewing files.

The I-Create Lab has all the equipment one will need to make a beautiful design. Students and community users only need to bring their materials and imagination.

Three examples of designs sewn on the embroidery machine

The I-Create Lab's sole purpose is to help TAMU-CC students and the community grow with a creative outlook. With so many tools such as the 3D printers, a laser cutter, embroidery machine and so much more. Anyone can create amazing work and the I-Create Lab is here to show people that.

Learn more about the I-Create Lab on our website. The I-Create Lab is open weekdays 7:30 am-7:00 pm and our phone number is 361-825-2311. I hope to see new creators soon!

By: Soleil Garcia, student worker

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