Fun Facts About the Mary and Jeff Bell Library

Posted: November 1, 2019 9:00:00 AM CDT

Do you ever wonder how many items the library has available for use? Or would you like to know how many people come into the library a year? Here are some interesting statistics from 2018-2019!

During a normal week in the Fall and Spring semesters the library is open 108 hours. Although our highest usage is during the middle of the day, we do have plenty of early birds and night owls who take advantage of our extended hours.

The Library is just over 100,000 square feet which helps us offer multiple spaces for a variety of uses. These spaces include 3 computer labs, a super quiet study room, a café, the I-Create lab, multiple study rooms, and much more!

In 2018-2019 we had 800,000 people visit the library. That is an average of more than 15,00 per week!

The Mary and Jeff Bell Library has 569,160 physical items. Our collections consist of Books, DVDs, Maps, Microfilms, Microforms, reserve textbooks, and reserve articles.

Last year the Mary and Jeff Bell Library checked out 43,307 items. This includes books, board games, DVDs, and study rooms. Of those 43,307 check outs 25,312 were study rooms and marker packets.

Popular Reading

books stacked on book display with sign showing, 'Popular Reading"

Our popular reading collection houses 655 books and it is still growing. Here you can find titles with a more entertaining flare.

Media Collection

Shelf with a variety of TV series DVD sets

Our media collection provides 5,578 DVDs. Some of these are for educational and research purposes, but we do have quite a few entertainment geared items as well. These include both films and TV shows.

Board Games

Shelf with a variety of card and board games

For when you and your friends just want to hang out have a little fun, we also have 36 board games of all varieties.

Computers in the Library

Row of computers with bar height chairs

The library provides computers 320 which includes two assistive workstations located on the floor’s electronic resource lab and 3 Mac workstations in the I-Create lab.

This is just a small bit of information about your Mary and Jeff Bell Library that we hope you enjoyed learning!

By: Rob Rios

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