Getting Help from a Librarian

Posted: November 8, 2019 9:00:00 AM CST

Whether it’s finding an article, knowing where to start your research project, or finding new paths to search when you’re stuck, your librarians are here to help!

How can a librarian help?

Librarians can help with anything from simple questions about accessing research materials, to developing better search strategies, to helping you evaluate the sources you find. Here are some examples of how librarians can assist:

  • Guiding you on choosing a topic and identifying keywords to use in a search
  • Recommending the best database(s) for your topic
  • Tips and tricks on keeping track of your research
  • How to find alternative resources
  • How to incorporate the information you find (avoiding plagiarism, citing information)

Where can I find help?

The quickest way to get help is to visit or chat with us at the Ask Us Desk which is located on the main floor near the computers and printers.

If you have more time or need in depth research help, you can schedule an appointment by contacting your subject librarian.

In addition, you may find useful information on one of our Research Guides which contain a collection of resources related to a specific subject, course, or degree.

How can I make meeting with my librarian the most worthwhile?

Know your assignment

The better you understand your assignment, the better we can help. It is important to note what type of resources your professor is asking you to use for your project such as peer-reviewed articles, primary sources, or materials published in the last five years. Bringing a copy of your assignment with you can help a great deal.

Let your librarian know what you have already tried

We don’t want to waste time searching in the places you have already tried, so be sure to let your librarian know what you have already done. This way we can quickly move to new strategies.

Please don’t wait until the last minute

Research takes time and is a process. If you wait until the last minute, we may not have enough time to help you find the best sources or all the resources you need.

Your librarians are here to help you succeed with your course projects. You just have to ask!

By: Anjanette Jones

Category: Library Hacks, Services for You