And the Winner Is...: Service Excellence Awards in the Library

Posted: February 18, 2020 9:00:00 AM CST

Here at Bell Library we strive to offer excellent service and as part of that initiative we developed an award titled the Golden Pineapple Award. 

We came up with 12 themes to promote service excellence with-in the library and each month we take nominations of who best embodies that month’s ideal.  We then put all the nominee’s names in a cup and draw a name. That person is awarded the “Golden Pineapple” that month. 

The golden pineapple is a 3-D printed pineapple made by our I-Create team and we fill it with candy each time. At the end of the month the pineapple is retrieved, refilled and given to the next winner.

Below are the ideals and winners for 2019. We have already started repeating the process in 2020 with the same 12 ideals and look forward to a great year of serving the Island community.


I am curious about people, products, services, and processes. I ask questions of myself and others to learn and understand. What do other people want, need, value, and appreciate? Why do we do things the way we do now? What would happen if we did something differently?

We did not have a winner in January because we were still developing the program.


I recognize that everyone I work with is an individual with hopes, dreams, and feelings.  I respect them as thus and treat them as a professional.  I do not talk down to people or consider people beneath me.  We all equally work for the customer regardless of the number of degrees, years of experience, or age.

Rob Rios Headshot

Robert Rios, Library manager, showed respectfulness and understand to an ESL student who needed a service not offered by the library (checking out dictionaries) and lent the student his personal one.


I pay attention to what works and what needs to be improved. I recognize when something is not accomplishing the goal, I set out to accomplish. I gather information to better understand problems and opportunities. I compare my thoughts and ideas with others. I follow through on ideas by making decisions based on proven analytics.

Michele Hall Headshot

Michele Hall, Library Information Specialist, provided thoughtful ideas for streamlining the process for replacing lost and damaged book and for managing firm order requests


I proactively take actions to make offers, meet requests, solve problems, and create new possibilities. I invite others to get involved when needed. I do more than required to create more value.  I am able to recognize problems and willing to spearhead efforts to resolve those issues.  I do not expect/ rely on someone else to take the lead in any situation.

David Jones Headshot

David Jones, MakerSpace Technician, took the initiative to help seminar professor, Loren Watts, create an adoption sign.  You are most deserving.


I listen with sincere attention. I ask questions to learn and understand. I share my views effectively for others in speaking and in writing. I make clear requests and promises.

We missed giving this one out because of the turn-over in who was handling the award. Guess we dropped the ball on that communication.


Service Excellence is a part of my job. I take personal responsibility for my words and actions. I recognize my mistakes and use them as learning opportunities.  I look back to learn from what happened and lean forward to create what will be.

Abel Cantu Headshot

Abel Cantu, Library Technology Manager, has been responsible for implementing a number of changes and ensuring all Alma integrations are running smoothly in time for the transfer.  This has not always been easy, and he is quick to acknowledge problems and look for a way to fix them.

Campus Community

I can see my work from my perspective and from the perspective of others. I pay attention to the experience others have in working with me. I am aware of the value of my contributions and the impact of my actions.  I realize the library is part of/ represents the university as a whole.  My day to day activities actively contribute to accomplishing the university’s mission.

Patricia Hernandez Headshot

Trisha Hernandez, Student Success Librarian, has done amazing work reaching out to the first year learning communities and getting all of the librarians involved in First Wave. She has done such good work with the first-year learning community program they asked her to serve on a hiring committee.   She also serves on the black history month committee, coordinates library efforts for Islander Lights, and stays engaged with all sorts of activities and events! Trisha has been working hard to coordinate with the first-year program for first wave orientation to include the liaison librarians. She is amazing!


I work well with others to get the job done and creatively solve problems. I maintain positive relationships with my colleagues, customers, and community.

Laura Martinez Headshot

Laura Martinez, Cataloging Services Coordinator/Librarian, is an instrumental part of the Resource Management and Discovery department. She collaborates on a daily basis with coworkers. She guides her colleagues when they need her guidance and asks for input when she has a question. Laura is always willing to find solutions, and actively listens to others’ concerns.


I am aware of my space and utilize it effectively.  Everything has its place and contributes to the efficiency of the workplace.  I respect my Coworkers organizational systems and I recognize that not everyone works the same way I do.

Amanda Kowalski Headshot

Amanda Kowalski, Library Information Specialist, worked hard to plan and organize the 1919 Hurricane event; she went above and beyond in developing and executing the program.


I recognize other people’s contributions to the workplace, and I hope they succeed.  I find ways to offer support and tell them they are doing a good job.  I understand that my position/ our workplace success is improved by everyone’s contributions and therefore should be encouraged.

Diana Gaona Headshot

Diana Gaona, Library Information Specialist, is our department’s cheerleader. She is genuinely happy to see others succeed and encourages all of us to celebrate our co-worker’s successes.  Diana recognizes our strengths and encourages us to dream more and become more. When we have moments of uncertainty and stress (Alma), she remedies that with a hug or words of hope. Diana is a self-less individual who has a positive outlook on life and wants to see all of her colleagues succeed.


I use different styles of behavior and communication to create the most effective experience for everyone in each situation. I adjust my approach whenever possible to add more value. I am open minded to other people’s approaches to situations and workflows.

Phebe Leach Headshot

Phebe Leach, Library Specialist II, has shown flexibility in finding the right solutions for processing the map collections.


I am able to recognize when someone on my team is in need of aid.  I am more than willing to offer my support and encouragement when needed.

Rob Rios Headshot

Robert Rios, Library Supervisor, makes it a point to check in with everyone and listen to how they are doing.  He looks at things as a whole and is cognizant of how the departments interact with each other and what will affect how someone else does their job. He is aware of what is going on in his department and in the library and is always willing to step up and help. 



By: Amie Cuvelier

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