What’s in Your Cell Phone?

Posted: May 26, 2020 9:00:00 AM CDT

Do you know where your phone is? Chances are, it’s within easy reach…you might even be reading this post from your phone. These things are amazing…you can check recipe ingredients while standing in the grocery store, grab a short video to help you accomplish a quick hack, or pay for that almond croissant at your favorite corner pastry shop. You can call people too (although I don’t actually use my phone for this much.)

In addition to offering us a tiny little window into the great big world, our phones also perform another important role, capturing moments. The cameras in our phones rival most of the point and shoot models out there. I rarely carry a camera anymore, but I almost always have my phone. We take pictures of amazing views, milestones, our family, friends…and of course food!

Once a year, the library celebrates the amazing images we’ve been capturing with our phones. This year, the exhibit will move online. We’ll be able to increase the number of entries and the images will be accessible, no matter where you are! We’re adding a bit of competition to the show. When the online exhibit opens, you’ll have an opportunity to vote for your favorite images. The top ten images will be printed and displayed in the gallery in the library.

Have you submitted an entry yet? It’s not too late! The call for submissions for the 5th Annual Islander Cell Phone Photography Show is open until June 1st. Pick your favorites and send them in today.



By: Jennifer Anderson

Category: Things to Do, Today’s Special