Seeking New Horizons: With Apologies to Tom Hanks and Wilson the Volleyball

Posted: May 1, 2020 9:00:00 AM CDT

It comes as no surprise that being swept ashore to a remote island with little to no resources is not a thought many would relish. Fortunately, seeing as how most of us have come to find TAMU-CC as our island home, we need little to no time in imagining what such a predicament would be like to have an island to oneself.

Wait though! It seems that this hypothetical island isn’t as deserted as you once thought. In fact, you spot a racoon and his two adorable nephews. He serves as a real estate agent. Seconds later, you’re now indebted to this racoon, who has you paying off a mortgage loan for this neat yellow tent he gave you.

It’s Animal Crossing, we’re talking about Animal Crossing: New Horizons everyone! (Apologies to all admirers of the movie Castaway.)

Animal Crossing Characters

It seems that during these times of uncertainty many people have understandably turned to the entertainment value found in various forms of media, but many have found their extensive library of books and Netflix movies/shows starting to dwindle quicker than anticipated.

At the same time, I’ve noticed a trend arise in people trying their hand in the niche realm of video games to make the time pass by and ultimately relax their minds. This trend has resonated particularly well with the newest entry in the Animal Crossing series.

In this version you now live amongst your anthropomorphic neighbors and can spend the day crafting various items to improve the look of your newfound island. As another option, one can simply pass the day lounging and fishing for various forms of marine life, having them appraised by your local museum curator – who you must remember is not very fond of insects.

From the gorgeous plants blooming in vibrant colors to the nonchalant terraforming of your perfect paradise the possibilities are positively endless. It’s actually quite reassuring to see that many are trying to make the best out of the current times by temporarily setting aside their hectic responsibilities, taking an entertainment break, then returning to their obligations with a renewed vigor. It’s remarkable how well the gaming industry has gained such traction in finding appeal among first time players and their sudden curiosity in its many genres.

It’s strange though. This game has no exact ending, there is no end goal for the player, and most importantly the game has no effect on the outside beyond what lies around the edges of the screen. So why bother?

Perhaps it’s the satisfaction of finally paying off that large sum of bells (Animal Crossing’s version of money) to a business savvy racoon, or perhaps it’s simply the feeling of getting lost in another world just like those you imagine in a great book.

I’m glad many new people have found enjoyment in something others have worked extensively on and I can only hope that they delve in further to discover their next big passion. Truly there is something for everyone; mine just so happens to be settling for a virtual island paradise. Hey, that means I have two islands! Each one with its own special meaning to me.

Tom Nook is a Hustler

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By: Santiago Salazar, Access Services Student Assistant

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