I-Create Student Worker Spotlight: Stormie

Posted: September 18, 2020 9:00:00 AM CDT

The I-Create Lab loves to talk about our student workers and in this blog, we will flex on our student worker, Stormie!

Stormie has worked for the I-Create Lab for almost a full year and is currently a Sophomore at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. She is working on her Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology.

Stormie sees this degree as a step in the right direction to obtain a career she wants, “I would like to become a type of therapist and I figured psychology was a good start for that.” With that said, Stormie has many interests outside of hitting the textbooks, she enjoys drawing, creating origami, making things, cooking, doing repair work to old items, and the occasional wood carving.

Stormie is an enthusiastic member of the team who likes to try new things and help people when they come to the I-Create Lab. Her favorite piece of equipment in the lab is the laser cutter “…everything that comes out of it is pretty cool. You can cut AND burn-in pictures.” She also likes the fact that the I-Create lab has such a chill atmosphere from the staff to the patrons.

Stormie enjoys the fact people can come in and have fun while learning a new skill. For someone that’s never been to the I-Create Lab, Stormie has something to say; “…We have a ton of cool equipment so you can make things for a project or something for you to use at home….Do cool stuff. Tada!”

Aside from being an awesome student worker, Stormie is also familiar with teaching people how to use the machinery in the lab. Last year, Stormie ran a workshop on creating cards using our Cricut Maker. The workshop consisted of utilizing premade templates to create a Valentine’s Day card. Stormie would have liked to go more into detail about creating unique templates but time was limited. She thought the turnout was great and everyone learned a lot, she looks forward to hosting another workshop.

stormie's valentine's day card  origami dragons mint and orange on lamp

One thing that Stormie loves to do when passing the time is creating Origami sculptures. The I-Create Lab has plenty of her little creations peeking around every corner. Last month, we feature several short videos on our social media platform about the adventure of two Origami dragons, Mint and Orange, who were looking to create a new friend.

Stormie says the I-Create Labs graduate assistant asked her to do a video on how to create origami and she was inspired to create two dragons with unique personalities. “They could be ALIVE, all I could think of was stop motion…my sister did a project with stop motion for a class this last semester,” which inspired Stormie to give it a try.

You can watch Stormie at work as she takes you through the process of creating an Origami paper dragon. Or check out the mini adventures of Mint and Orange.creation of origami dragons mint and orange

Stormie cannot remember where she learned how to do origami, but her love of the craft started in elementary school where she would make cups and cranes to pass the time.

The I-Create Lab has origami paper that you can request to take a shot at creating a fantastical creature like Stormie. Stormie does have some advice for all you beginner origami folders “Be patient and try to be precise.” She says it takes a lot of time and effort to get crisp folds and cautions newcomers to start with easy designs before starting on the hard stuff.

Stormie has lived in Corpus Christi most of her life and felt the island was a great place for her to go to university because it felt like home. Much like the I-Create lab, she loves the Island University’s atmosphere; even though it is a well-sized campus it feels like a small tight-knit community full of great people.

If you are in the neighborhood, make a reservation with the I-Create Lab and pay us a visit to check out our other equipment or take a look at some of the paper creatures come to life. Stormie has one more thing to say to all your Islanders out there, “Be excellent to each other.”



By: Yvette Garcia-Jones, I-Create Graduate Assistant

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