Rivalry in the I-Create Lab

Posted: October 16, 2020 9:00:00 AM CDT

There is a bit of a rivalry brewing in the I-Create Lab. Since we have new rules set in place because of COVID-19, the I-Create Lab must work in two teams. So, the staff has worked on finding ways to stay connected. Now, some would immediately jump to thoughts of nice and encouraging notes, but those individuals don’t know the I-Create Lab team well enough (not yet at least).

To stay connected (and entertained) two teams have been created - Team A (the better team) and the other guys (Team B). Each team find ways to tease and annoy each other every week.

This rivalry started as a long-distance relationship as Team B truly missed Team A. However, over time it become a love/hate situation. Team B came back to the office to find a member of their team's face on the beloved David Tennant, Doctor Who cardboard cutout. Oh poor David, what did they do to you? Disgraced with another face.

The next week Team B upstage Team A with their amazing LEGO Islander I. By the way, if you would like to see more LEGO content, please donate your LEGO's at the I Create Lab.

Team A was not going to take this silently; oh no. Team A took David Tennant hostage locking him up in the CNC Router room – much to the shock of Team, B. He was later rescued but is only safe when Team B is on duty.

captured david tennant

Other pranks have been changing the group chat name to “B Team is the Best, A team is: meh-est”, hiding a student worker’s printed out head around the office and so much more.

I see you

To keep up with the I Create Lab's pranks follow the Mary and Jeff Bell Library through social media (our socials will be down below)!

However, at the end of the day both teams greatly miss each other and our full house of patrons. The teasing and pranks are just something the workers do to get thought these difficult times. Things might not return to normal for a while but we at the I-Create Lab are still here via reservations 24 hours in advance. So if you need a break from the outside world, make a reservation and create with us!


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(David Tennant was not hurt in the making of this article) ...Team A is better…




By: Soleil Garcia, I-Create Lab Student Assistant

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