Creating Flowers in the I-Create Lab

Happy Pride Month! Celebrate with Popular Reading

One Librarian’s (Very Personal) Opinion on GOP Lawmakers Wanting to Ban ‘Woke’ Philosophies

They're Heeeere: Mosquito Season in South Texas

Haircuts at Home (Save Money and Look Good)

Sharing is Caring: what librarians do when we’re stumped

What is in a Picture?

A Place I Belong

Tales from the I-Create Lab

Summer Reading

A Time for Celebration: Public Art

I Burn for the Bell Library

Celebrated International Classics: Russian Literature – Anton Chekhov

Asian American & Pacific Islander Month Continuation

What does a librarian do?

Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with Popular Reads!

Blucher Family Stories

Perceptions of Earth Day

Lego Wall at the I-Create Lab

Inclement Weather Blues

National Library Week 2021: Welcome to Your Library!

Building a Safe Online Community: Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Laptop Checkout Kiosks

A Portal to Corpus Christi and Beyond

What do you miss?

I-Create Student Worker Spotlight: Alex Esquivel

March is Women’s History Month: Read some Popular Books by Women!

Women's History Month 2021

Stream of Consciousness: Pandemic Stress Edition

Indoor Gardening

Open Education Week 2021: Open Educational Resources in the Age of COVID

The von Bluchers of Corpus Christi

Make It Sew!

The Strength of the Spoken Word: Poetry in Our Popular Reading Collection

Career Research at Bell Library

Comparing Journals – What’s the “use”?

Celebrated International Classics: African Literature, Mariama Bâ

The First Step: Celebrating Black History Month

Welcome to the Archives

A Look at 2019-2020

Holiday Crafts in the I-Create Lab

25 New Popular Reading Titles!

Popular Reading Book Reviews

On My Mind...In My Heart

Building with Books: The Holiday Edition

Online Classes in Quarantine

Time Magazine's 100 Best Fantasy Books

One Tree to Top Them All

A Degree in University Life

Taking a Road Trip? Try the Backroads, They’re Historic!

The Dorm Room Guide to Thanksgiving Cooking

Popular Reading Titles for Native American Heritage Month

Weight and Weightless: A Pop-up Exhibition

Celebrating National Native American Heritage Month

A Review of Malcolm in the Middle

Turning Trash to Treasure: Our Outstanding Faculty Speaker Event with Dr. Seiger

“Heads” Up! – Did Propaganda Influence Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”?

A Game is “the” Foot: Mystery Popular Reads for Halloween

A Night at the Dragon Grill

Open Access Week 2020

Rivalry in the I-Create Lab

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

What’s a Journal Article?

Election Year 2020: Time to Vote!

Self-Care Recipe During Quarantine

Silencing LGBTQIA+ Voices: Banned Books Week 2020

A Spotlight on Mental Health

Peer review week 2020: Trust in Peer Review

I-Create Student Worker Spotlight: Stormie

Leer para Expandir Tu Mundo/Read to Expand Your World

What’s in a Bib Record?

You’ve watched all of Netflix……Now What?

The Quarantine Cookbook

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers: Bell Library’s COVID Guide

The Longoria Affair

TAMUCC Joins the Texas Library Coalition for United Action!

Save Time & Money with Meal Prep

Popular Reading: Pop Open a Book!

What’s on Emily’s Bookshelf?

WWII: A Most Dangerous Flight

How to Study Better at Home

What I’ve Been Reading During Quarantine

The Truth is Out There: #FactCheckFriday Taking Down Misinformation One “Fact” at a Time

Creating a Conference: From Idea to Reality

Food and Memories

Overcoming: COVID Ain’t Slowing Us Down

Escape Into an Adventure at Home

Rudolfo Anaya: “Godfather of Chicano Literature”

Who Made This and Who’s Missing?

Things To Do in Quarantine

Indoor Hobbies

LGBTQ+ Stories and Cinema in Kanopy

Archival Silences

Representation in Scholarly Communication

I-Create Lab Now Taking Reservations

Homemade Chicken Wings

The Fuuutuuure (of Library Instruction)

A Wonderland of Music: Naxos Music Library

Inspirational (and Other) Quotes

Busy Hands, Quiet Mind: Knitting and Crocheting as Both Meditation and Distraction

Bias-Free Since 2016: Using the Media Bias Chart to Share Unbiased News

What’s in Your Cell Phone?

Bored in the House? Take a walk with me!

Coming Soon to a Bookshelf Near You! The World of Book Trailers

I-Create Lab Working to Supply Face Shields

Coming Together By Sharing Knowledge

We Do Live in “America’s Birdiest City” After All

Yoo Hoo! Check us out on YouTube!

Seeking New Horizons: With Apologies to Tom Hanks and Wilson the Volleyball

A Green Quarantine

COVID 19 Archiving Project at Mary and Jeff Bell Library

Things to Do During Quarantine

Learn More at an I-Create Workshop

Mark Twain’s Words of Wisdom

In Honor of National Poetry Month

Why Access to Information Should Be Open: COVID-19

80s Fashion, Punk Music, and Zombies: A Review of Dan O’Bannon’s The Return of the Living Dead

International Transgender Day of Visibility 2020: Works in our Collection

Something to Watch While You're Self-Isolating

Updates and Changes to Library Resources and Services

I-Create Student Worker Spotlight: Skally

Things I Looked Up Last Week

Popular Reading: Staff Picks!

Brace Yourself: Tax Season is Here

Q&A with a Library Student Assistant & Graduate Assistant

Open Education Week 2020 – Getting Involved!

Laser Cutting Love

Fair Use Week 2020!

Texas Archival Resources Online

And the Winner Is...: Service Excellence Awards in the Library

Will You Be My Anti-Valentine? An Alternative Valentine's Day Celebration

Get on Your Bikes and Ride: Cycling and You

Live in Texas? Read E-Books for Free

The Success of the Open Access Publication Fund


Welcome Back, Islanders: Reflections and Looking Forward to Spring 2020

I-Create Lab Assists Islander in Sticker Business

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe: Selecting Your Next Leisure Read

Lateral Reading: It's What the Cool Kids are Doing

New Year, New...Craft?

Winter Reading Challenge

Another (Very Important) Library

Upon Sharing Reflections, Challenges, and the Meaning of Success: About Roy E. Stock

What's in a Name: Getting to Know Library Jargon

What Database Should I Use?


A New Addition to Special Collections & Archives

Stephen King Revisited: The Doctor is In

Glass, Wood, and More Oh My!

Student Employee Appreciation

A Better You, One Video Game at a Time!

Getting Help from a Librarian

Spooky Stories for Your Halloween Delight!!

Fun Facts About the Mary and Jeff Bell Library

Let's Create!

Open Access Week is October 21-27!

Some of The Lesser Known Collections held by TAMU-CC Special Collections and Archives

Science Fiction Genre Trends

Opening the Classroom: Using Open Educational Practices to Reimagine Teaching and Learning

Do Islanders still read books?

What is with all those library locations?

My Favorite Room in the Library...

Join the Library Islander Board!

“Dort wo man Bücher verbrennt…”: A Look at the Burning of Books

I-Create Lab New Pricing Structure

Bring on the Brown Lit!: The Importance of Latinx Literature

A Day in the Life of...Diana Gaona

New Library Website!

The Most Requested Interlibrary Loans: The 2018-2019 Academic Year

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Librarian Selected as SPARC Open Education Leadership Fellow

100 Years After the Storm

Living Our Best Lives One Book at a Time

Instruction Junction, what's your function? What library instruction can do for you

Bell Library reflects on last year and looks forward to next year…

Bell Library reflects on last year and looks forward to next year…

Why We Cancelled Lexis-Nexis (and How We Made the Decision)

What do you do with those extra books?

Access Services: Prospective Student Assistant FAQ

Wherefore “Arch” Thou?: Finding the Archival Collections You Need

Copyright, Copywhat?

An Interview with Our Makerspace Technician

Frame of the Day: Searching as Strategic Exploration

Student Sculptures Featured at Bell Library

“A Nightmare of Biblical Proportions”: Review of Christopher Golden’s Ararat

Frame of the Day: Scholarship as Conversation

Need a place to study? We have got you covered!

Raising a Bilingual Toddler

Podcasting for Everyone…At Your Library!

Meet Our Newest Director of Special Collections & Archives

Where Did the Makerspace Movement Begin?

Looking for Game of Thrones? We GoT It!

Frame of the Day: Research as Inquiry

Fantasy Fiction: A World of Possibilities

Does the library have my textbook? A student’s guide to Course Reserves

The TAMU-CC Repository

Service Excellence in Your Campus Library

Does the Library Have Any Stephen King Books?

Frame of the Day: Information Has Value

A Sea of Maps: A Collaborative Project with the Conrad Blucher Institute

Mediasite, what is it and who can use it?

An In-depth Look at How Bell Library Acquires New Databases

Frame of the Day: Information Creation as a Process

Meet Our Newest Librarian: Alexa

Cuba's Pirate Internet: A Short Story

Come work with us in Special Collections!

Do You Suffer from Library Anxiety?

You Mustn't Be Afraid to Fail

Are You Gen X, a Millennial, or Gen Z?: Exploring the Generations

A Review of The Library Book

Bell Library Welcomes Vanessa Claros

Paws on the Island -- A Finals Tradition

Ways to Relax in the Library

Frame of the Day: Authority is Constructed and Contextual

What's a QEP?

I Am a Woman and I Have a Problem: A Women's History Month Reflection

Makers Making Use of the I-Create Makerspace Lab

History Harvest: A Connection to the Community

It’s All in Your Head: A Look at Psychological Thrillers

What do you spend on textbooks?

Microform: Nothing Micro About It

Islander Feminists Guest Blog for Women's History Month

Are you a Sean or a Joe? Re-shelving Books in the Library

Dr. Hector P. Garcia Fellowship

February 26 is National Tell a Fairy Tale Day

I-Create Makerspace, Reflections on the First Month

The Power of Pleasure Reading

Down the Rabbit Hole

New Browsable Media Collection and Displays

Changes Behind the Scenes

Celebrate Black History Month

Your Popular Reading Collection

Meet Our Newest Librarian

Welcome back to your library!

Why Makerspaces are a Good Fit for Libraries

Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to Our Blog