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Robstown, TX, 1940s
Robstown, Texas, ca. 1940s.
Clifford C. Edge Papers

Clifford Charles Edge was a Robstown, Texas, resident, Methodist Minister, newspaper man, and history enthusiast. During the 1970s and 1980s, he contributed articles to the Robstown Record, the local newspaper. He conducted many interviews with local people, which developed into the informative stories he authored. In doing so he chronicled a great deal of the history of individuals and events in Robstown during its period as an important commercial center.

The Clifford C. Edge Papers consist of two standard document boxes and contain his type-written manuscripts, notes, and some correspondence containing related information on Robstown, surrounding towns, and Texas history. The papers were donated by Clifford Edge in 1994, through the assistance of his son Craig Martin Edge who was also keenly interested in the history of Robstown.

The Clifford C. Edge Papers were organized and foldered by volunteer Margo Traeumer adhering to their original order. The link was created by Thomas Kreneck and Grace Charles in 2010.

Finding Guide to the Clifford C. Edge Papers

1.1 People - A-B: Alvarez, Juvencio; Andrews, Zora Reagan (first public school teacher); Baker, Mrs. Chizzie; Barron, Judge W. S; Bates, Christine, (Guyana Massacre); Bayette, Mrs. Ella; Bluntzer, Robert Dougherty; Burditt, Mrs. Hattie

1.2 People - C: Carrillo, Ernesto; Chambers, Herman; Chandler, Billie; Chapa, Raphael Amelia; Coles, Solomon; Contreras, Rey; Coslow, Fern;

1.3 People - D-G: Duran, Amador; Doctors; Garcia, Hector; Gibson, Dr. Norman; Gonzales, Hector; Gritt, Cy; Guerra, Reuben

1.4 People - H-He: Harrell, J. D.; Heath, Ora Lee; Henderson, Aleso; Henderson, Elvin;

1.5 People - Hi-H end: Hilliard, Rev. Roy (two articles); Hrncir, Helen; Hunt, Joel

1.6 People - J-K: Jackson, Stout; Jasso, Felipe Garza; Jordan, Milton Carl; Kellam, Nettie; King, Captain Richard (As an illustration of the colorful history of Robstown, Rev. Edge's manuscript on the life of Stout Jackson is scanned below.)

1.7 People - L: Lambert, "Uncle Joe"; Land, C.B. and Bernice Dryden; Lieberman, Phillips

1.8 People - M-Ma: Martinez, Lillian; Massey, Mrs. Luther; Massey, Mrs. Ross, Mayo, J. C.

1.9 People - Mc-M end: McCallum, H. F.; McGowan, Fr. Seamus; Miller, Dora; Morgan, DeWitt; Mrazek, Tom & Jenny

1.10 People - N: Nichols, Mrs. R. E.; Nichols, Raymond H.; Nolan R. E (Bud)

1.11 People - P: Paul, George H.; Parr, Lou; Parr, Mrs. Lou; Parr, M/M Newton; Parsons, Leslie; Pina, Pfc Albino

1.12 People - R: Robstown former residents; Reagan, Mary; Rodriguez, Chipita; Rogers, C. M.; Rogge, Sallie

1.13 People - S: Salazar, Higinio; Scecima, Fr. George; Simmons, Charles/Maggie; Stone, Nathaniel; Stubbs, Frank

1.14 People - U-V: Upshaw, Gene, Sr.; Vannoy, Vance; Veselica, Mrs. Rosa Vidaurri, Reuben, S.

1.15 People - W: Whatley, C. W.; White, Jim; Whitney, Mrs. W. W.; Wilson, Merle/Kelly; Williams, Callie; Wolle, George

1.16 People - Y: Ybarra, Mary A.; Yell, Mordecai

1.17 Buildings: Robstown - Amusu Theater; City Hotel; Gulf Theater

1.18 Buildings: Dalchau Store (Castell, TX), Old County Courthouse (Corpus Christi, TX), Spohn Hospital (Corpus Christi, TX), St. Anthony Catholic Church, Violet Museum (Violet, TX).

1.19 Bicentennial Displays: Pavelka Band; Columbus, TX; Robstown Exhibits; Feelings; War Memorial; Remembrance; Blackland Train Riders, Japanese Art Museum Display

1.20 Agriculture: Corpus Christi AgriBusiness Council, Tribute to Farmers, Hunger Theme, Soil Stewardship Week, Sorgham Revolution, Soil Conservation District

1.21 Church Activities, Robstown: Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Mt. Zion Baptist Church Anniversary, Star of Zion Church (Baptist Western District Assn), St. Anthony's history, Texas Catholic Conference (Volunteers for Educational Service), Hanukkah, Rosh Hoshanah

1.22 Church Activities, Robstown: Dorothy Gillespie, Praise Gathering, Christ's Addicts, Community Religious Celebrations, Thanksgiving, National Bible Week, National Bible Week theme, Vacation Church School

1.23 Church Activities, outside Robstown: Camp Hoblitzelle (Salvation Army), Temple Beth El (freezer sale), Bayfest, Cherry Mountain (German Saengerfest), Tour to England, Holy Land Tour

2.1 Community Groups: United Way, Wesley Community Center, Voluntary Action Center, Community Action Center

2.2 Cultural Events: Pavelka's Orchestra, Music Recital (Mrs. Charles Homeyer), Diez y Seis, Arts & Crafts Fair, Aggie Muster, Old Settlers' meetings

2.3 Cultural Events: Chautaqua, Fine Arts Club, Theater Historical Society

2.4 Customs, Christmas: St. Nicholas Day, Christmas symbols, Christmas traditions, Epiphany - Spain, Epiphany, general, world, Yule

2.5 Customs: Valentine's Day, Easter, First Thanksgiving (history), St. Patrick's Day, Palm Sunday, Seder (Jewish Celebration), Ambrose, Bishop of Milan 340 ad (All Hallows Eve)

2.6 Education: TX Public School Week, Sheriff Solomon Ortiz, Gonzalez Academy, Fredericksburg Germanic traditions, School Finance

2.7 History, Nueces County: Banquette cemetery, Camp Epworth, Old Epworth by the Sea, Violet Gin, Corpus Christi downtown businesses, Port Copano

2.8 History, TX Counties: Caldwell, Upsher, DeWitt, Refugio (Austwell), Refugio, El Copano

2.9 History, Texas: Texas Colonization, Round Robin (World War II news), Veterans' Day, American Legion Post 155

2.10 World History, Mexico: Our Lady of Guadalupe, Cinco de Mayo, El Pipila, Cinco de Mayo (history), General Porfirio Diaz

2.11 Methodist Church, Robstown: Gideons International, Lamplighters Sunday School Class, Robstown Larger Parish, Methodist Men's Retreat, Ethnic Minority Churches, Woodrow Wilson Bible Class, Children's Church Activities, Second marriages, Robstown Larger Parish

2.12 Methodist Church: Camp meetings, John Wesley, Grace Methodist Church - Corpus Christi, Grace Methodist Church - Annaville, United Methodist Church - Banquette, Kingsville history, Petronilla Methodist Church

2.13 Library: Alpha library history

2.14 Lion's Club -- activities, crippled children's camp, Lion's Club cuties

2.15 Literary: Newspaper Week, tribute to newspaper folks, Lynard Skynard, Tolstoy Christmas Story, film review (Shiokari Pass), early poetry, Harriet Beecher Stowe

2.16 Museums: Violet Bell Museum

2.17 Organizations: Hijos de Hidalgo (2 articles), Knights of Columbus, Mason's Lodge, SPJST - I.J. Gallia, VFW Flag Pole Dedication

2.18 Politics: Women Leaders, Olin E. Teague, Felix Longoria, Boycotts, South Texas Immigrants, Revenue Act of 1978

2.19 Robstown Attractions: Local Tour Options, Community Assets, Local Attractions, Summer Gardens

2.20 Robstown Businesses: Huisache Street Leaders, Urban Renewal, Robstown State National Bank

2.21 Robstown Early Businesses: Nostalgia, Old Businesses, Robstown Depot, Prices

2.22 Robstown High School: Plays (The Art of Being Bored, Arsenic and Old Lace), Band, Class of 1926 Reunion, Regional Marching Contest, Band - Civic Pride

2.23 Robstown ISD: Bilingual Education, Special Education, ICT

2.24 Robstown, Miscellaneous: Old Car, Recipes, Scripture Cake

2.25 Senior Citizens: Senior Citizen Center, Bi/polar Seminar, Elderly Persons Seminars, Elderly Concerns

2.26 Tourism: Corpus Christi magazine, area tourism, Refugio, nuggets from living history, Texas Community Improvement Program, Old San Patricio, Mirando City, Wurst Fest (New Braunfels), Caller-Times, Sept 39, 1979, Living Section

2.27 Trends: Global Migrations, Prices, Future Predictions, Electronic Games, Robstown 70s

2.28 Welder Wildlife Refuge: History, Goals, Description

2.29 Young People: 15th Birthday, Boys Scouts, Girls Clubs, Children/Yards, Scout Troop 183, Coastal Bend Youth City

Stout Jackson
Stout Jackson, page 2

Stout Jackson, page 3

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