Mary and Jeff Bell Library

Ordering Procedures

Order cards are available in the Technical Services Department. Cards may be requested by calling the main Technical Services number, 825-2354. Faculty members are encouraged to participate in collection development by suggesting materials for purchase. Orders must be approved by a designated faculty liaison or by the collection development librarian.

Faculty members can assist us in processing orders quickly and efficiently by adhering to the following procedures as closely as possible when submitting orders:

  1. Check Portal (Library Catalog) to ensure that the library does not already own the desired item.
  2. Fill in all boxes on each order card as completely as possible and type or print legibly. The ISBN is especially important.
  3. Attach publishers' addresses and other order information (blurbs, flyers, etc.) to the order card. This will assist us in ordering from small presses or associations.
  4. Have your faculty liaison authorize your request by initialing the order form in the appropriate box.
  5. Insert appropriate program code in the department code box on the order card. Orders must be submitted by the order deadline, which varies from year to year, but generally occurs between March 15th and April 15th.
  6. Liaisons are notified of the deadline each year when funds are allocated. Questions regarding order deadlines should be directed to Michele Hall at (361) 825-2413. Orders received after the deadline may be held for ordering until the next fiscal year (September 1).
  7. Submit orders to: Bell Library, Technical Services Department (Room 112C. Unit 5703).

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