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Access Services

Robert Rios
Library Supervisor
Amie Cuvelier
Library Services Coordinator
Brenton Day
Library Information Specialist, Interlibrary Loan
Amanda Horne
Library Specialist II, Media Collection
Nicolas Rodriquez
Library Specialist II, Student Assistant Services
Roxanne Singsaas
Graduate Assistant
Jordan Evans
Graduate Assistant
Magda Chavez
Graduate Assistant

Administration/Business Operations

Dr. Catherine Rudowsky
Dean of Libraries
Risha Dulip
Business Manager
Cynthia Roper
Senior Administrative Associate
Valerie Alvarez
Business Associate III

Driscoll Children's Hospital

Dr. Paula Scott
Director, Driscoll Children's Hospital Medical Library
Cindy Munoz
Library Information Specialist

Library Technology Services

Abel Cantu
Library Technology Manager
Bob Brown
Senior Computer Support Specialist
Marco Longoria
Software Applications Developer II
Sylvia Sanchez
MakerSpace Coordinator
David Jones
MakerSpace Technician
Saiteja Arepalli
Graduate Assistant
Shashipal Reddy Pingili
Graduate Assistant
Vacant LTS
Information Technology Professional
Lindsey Varela
Graduate Assistant
Vacant LTS
Business Associate III

Research & Learning

Lisa Louis
Department Head, Research & Learning
Alexa Hight
Scholarly Communications Librarian
Emily Metcalf
Instructional Services Librarian
Denise Landry-Hyde
Evening Reference Librarian
Sam Flores
Graduate Assistant
Laurina Sellu
Graduate Assistant

Resource Management & Discovery

Derrik Hiatt
Director, Resource Management & Discovery
Rachel Bennet
Continuing Resources Coordinator
Vanessa Claros
Library Specialist II, Cataloging
Diana Gaona
Library Information Specialist, Invoicing and Payment
Michele Hall
Library Information Specialist, Acquistions
Joe Hernandez
Library Specialist II, Serials/E-Resources
Laura Martinez
Cataloging Services Coordinator/Librarian
Sean Walker
Library Specialist II, Serials/E-Resources

Special Collections & Archives

Lori Atkins
Director, Special Collections & Archives
Ed Warga
Digital Collections Librarian
Kimberly Gianfrancesco
Processing and Digital Archivist
Amanda Kowalski
Library Information Specialist
Vacant SCA
Library Specialist II
Kevin Wong
Graduate Assistant

User Engagement & Assessment

Jennifer Anderson
Department Head, User Engagement
Patricia Hernandez
Student Success Librarian
Anjanette Jones
User Experience and Web Design Librarian

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