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The library is often thought of as the central hub of campus but few people really know about the amazing resources, services, and programs available. This blog will share news and other important library information, show you easy tips and tricks for getting the most out of library databases and other resources, and discuss issues and new trends we face in the library field and how they affect you. We'll reveal behind the scenes details and insights into the inner workings of the library, and have some fun along the way!
Feb 15
I-Create Makerspace, Reflections on the First Month

Your Islander I-Create Lab has come together.  By the time you read this, our final major piece should be in place, our large format printer!  It has the ability to print on a variety of materials including window clings, stickers, and yes even paper.  It's 54 inches wide and can print to the length of the roll!  I did say LARGE!  I cannot wait to see what it will produce for the creative talents on the island. Has it been a month already? Time does indeed fly when...

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By: David Jones

Category: Tech in the Library, We Made This

Feb 12
Down the Rabbit Hole

Have you ever Googled David Bowie's age and wound up learning about Wild Bill Hickok's famous shootout? Well, I'll let you in on a secret. That counts as research! At Bell Library, we encourage that kind of research and, more to the point, we encourage the use of Wikipedia. Now, I'm not saying you should cite Wikipedia in your lab report, but I am saying that Wikipedia is an amazing resource and just because it's crowd-sourced doesn't mean it's worthless. I use it all the time because it's...

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By: Emily Metcalf

Category: Library Randomness, Library Hacks

Feb 08
New Browsable Media Collection and Displays

Things are changing with the media collection! To make room for the I-Create makerspace lab, we temporarily relocated all the DVDs and other media to the Circulation Desk. Once they were downstairs, we undertook a huge project to separate all the DVD’s from their cases, so the cases could be displayed as part of the new browsable media collection.  As of February 1, a little over half of the collection has been displayed upstairs in their new home located just past the group study...

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By: Amanda Horne

Category: Services for You, Books & More, Things to Do

Feb 05
Behind the Scenes

The construction area next to the Ask Us Desk isn't the only big change happening at the library right now. Library staff are gearing up for a “behind the scenes” change that you probably won't notice, but that we hope will help us deliver even better service to all of you. The software we use to manage library operations—checking books in and out, the library catalog, journal holdings, tracking orders for new books and other materials, etc.—was designed with print...

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By: Derrik Hiatt

Category: Services for You, Behind the Scenes, Tech in the Library, News @ Your Library

Feb 01
Celebrate Black History Month

February’s Black History Month is this year’s first campus cultural celebration. The library will be joining in by highlighting a variety of Black History themed resources and materials throughout the month! Look for books and displays in the library and check out our Guide which has information about campus events and the National theme selected by the Association for the Study of African American Life and History. Additionally, it offers titles in our collection, streaming...

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By: Jennifer Anderson

Category: Things to Do

Jan 29
Your Popular Reading Collection

Do you hear it; the whispers calling out to you from our shelves? Tendrils of word clouds with themes like dragons, mystery murders, battles, and more wrap around and embrace you, enticing you to read. THIS is Popular Reading! Nestled beside the Circulation desk, the library has three blue shelves full of your popular reading desires. Before we talk more about the collection, however, how about a bit of history…. For years, despite all the amazing services the Bell Library has offered,...

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By: Trisha Hernandez

Category: Hello, from the Staff, Behind the Scenes, Things to Do, Services for You, Books & More

Jan 25
Meet Our Newest Librarian

Hello, everyone! My name is Kim Gianfrancesco and I'm your new Processing and Digital Archivist in the Archives and Special Collections here at TAMUCC. I'm so excited to be joining the Islander community and to be a part of the amazing team at the Mary and Jeff Bell Library! My interest in archives began during my time as an undergrad at Amherst College in Amherst, MA. Working as a student assistant in the College's Archives and Special Collections, I got to see fascinating, unique materials...

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By: Kim Gianfrancesco

Category: Hello, from the Staff

Jan 22
Welcome back to your library!

We’re looking forward to an exciting semester and we hope you feel the same! We have lots of events and programs planned, giving you an opportunity to learn something new outside of the classroom and have some fun too. The I-Create Lab will offer some pretty amazing things, our Workshop Series will start up again, and we’ll have lots of fantastic art on exhibit to spark your creativity. We’ll join the campus wide celebrations of Black History Month and Women’s History...

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By: Jennifer Anderson

Category: Things to Do, Hello, from the Staff

Jan 18
Why Makerspaces are a Good Fit for Libraries

We’ve been asked many questions since word started spreading about our intention to create a makerspace in the library. What kind of equipment will you have? Will it be open to the public? Will you charge a fee? How much will you charge? These are all very valid questions, but the one that struck me most was the question why would the library open a makerspace? I usually struggle with putting my thoughts into words. Luckily, I recently read a blog written by Diana Rendina titled 5...

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By: Sylvia Sanchez

Category: Tech in the Library, News @ Your Library, We Made This

Jan 15
Welcome to Our Blog!

Greetings! To start, I would like to wish everyone a most happy 2019 and a successful spring semester. I am also excited to announce that the library is launching a blog and that I am honored with writing the first blog post. Being asked to kick-off our blog forced me to reflect on blogs in general. Specifically, I was asking myself what do we hope to accomplish through our blog and what might people find interesting? I believe our primary goal in establishing this blog is to share various...

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By: Cate Rudowsky

Category: Hello, from the Staff, Dean's Corner