Home Is Where the Cat Is, by Madalynn Bendele
Stairway, by Caleb M. Flowers
Standing Tall, by Patricia L. Hernandez
Just Outside Balmorhea, by Amanda Horne
Cocktail Hour, by Sheri Emerick
Escape, by Megan Mullis
Before Quarantine, by Michelle Ramirez
Autumn in Ohio, by Emily Metcalf
Four generations of LOVE, by Amanda Moya
Cat Stay at home exercise, by Patricia Spaniol-Mathews
NAS-CC Sunset, by Vanessa Claros
Libertad, by Jordan Evans
Develop a love for reading, by Diana Gaona
Glacial lakes and mountain peaks of remote Alaska, by Natalie Beeken
Early Morning, by David Briones
Rock Reed Vibrating Lujon Waves, by Robin Carstensen
Mud bath, by David Briones
Waiting, by Scott Pool
Luna's Grace, by Cecilia Gamez
Chihuly Glass, by Linda Landreth
Morning Dew, by Andrea Libby
The hopes of the new day, by Eliza Lara
Signs of Solidarity During a Neighborhood Walk, by Jennifer Epley Sanders
fallen tree at the pond, by Clarrisa Mireles
Kitten, by Lisa Louis

Cattitude, by Jenny Vela

Frontyard Mushroom, by Emma Drumright
Spring in Full Bloom, by Jason Louis

Shoreline, by Mark Hartlaub

NAS-CC Birds, by Vanessa Claros
Summer Low Tide, Poenisch Park, by Suzelle Tinnell
Sunset in Rockport, by Alexa Hight
Hope, by Dawna Gerst
Turned by the wind, by Diana Gaona