Garden Glory, by Sheri Emerick
Tree on the Water, by Wendi Pollock
Pop and Sarge, by Amanda Marquez
Ravishing Radishes , by Christopher Potter
Lockhart Courthouse in Spring., by Nicholas Vela
To Hold A Home, by Andrea Libby
A Walk through the Fulton Mansion Garden, by Nicholas Vela
A simple flight, by Stephanie Garcia
The Man Made of Rock, by Danielle Schraer
Flying to Phoenix, by Lisa Louis

Blueberry Lemon Head, by Ashley Miller

Friday Night Lights, by Faythlin Warren
Rise & Shine, by Tara D. Ivey
God's Glory, by Irene Chamberlain
Sister Smash, by Rachel Harris
Jesus, by Jenny Vela
A Healthy Reminder During a Neighborhood Walk, by Jennifer Epley Sanders
Fall Sunrise, Corpus Christi Bay, by Suzelle Tinnell

Ohio Boys in the UK, by Tiffany Salazar

Superstition Mts., by Jennifer Williams

Wizard Island, by Mark Hartlaub

Gills galore, by Desarae Sullivan
Smile!, by Artug Altug
Butterfly of the Island, by Madalynn Bendele
County Road, by Caleb M. Flowers
Needed Humor during COVID-19, by Patricia Spaniol-Mathews
Sign of Sisterhood, by Brook Bennett

Sunrise, by Yolanda Castorena

View at Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve, by Jeff Janko
Spiral, by Stacy Keierleber Green
A Beautiful Day, by Carissa Pinon
Still Life Preserved, by Scott Pool

Look Here, by Judith Pope

Kingfish Sunrise, by Joe Miller
Look twice, by Alissa Mejia
White House on the River, by Virginia Palomo
On Watch, by Rachel Harris
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